Tax season can be a time of great anticipation for millions of Americans with dreams of anice, big, refund check coming soon. Yet this year, many Americans may find themselves surprised and coming up short on their refunds.

Many taxpayers have been shocked to find that this year, instead of a big tax refund check arriving in the mail, they are being saddled with an unexpected bill from Uncle Sam. Thecombination of recent tax law changes and updated employer withholding tables has left individuals scrambling to figure out how to pay for their new IRS obligations due at filing time.

If you’re worried about a looming tax bill, never fear: there are measures you can take to ensure that your taxes don’t unexpectedly balloon. From budgeting tips to what do when the worst happens, these strategies will have your wallet breathing easy throughout the year!

The Earlier the Better!

Ignoring an IRS debt could ultimately result in serious consequences. It is in your best interest to be aware of any outstanding amount as soon as possible, providing time for taxplanning and sourcing the necessary funds.

Don’t let late payments rack up and cause costly penalties and interest. Be proactive about filing your taxes so you’ll have a good idea of what will be owed, if anything, that is needed to be paid on time.

Pay Attention to Your Paychecks

With the recent changes in tax law, your paychecks may have grown more generous – butdon’t get too excited! They could mean less of a refund or an unexpected bill when you file. Make sure to stay informed and plan ahead so unpleasant surprises won’t come back to haunt you this filing season.

To prepare for tax season, it’s important to monitor your paychecks and ensure that the right amount is withheld. If you see a decrease in federal taxes being taken out of each paycheck, adjust this with your employer immediately – even though it may mean taking home less every month. Doing so can help protect you from federal and state tax debts andpenalties later!

Run Your Numbers Before

With just your final paycheck from last year and a few additional details, you can gain insight into what kind of tax refund or balance due to expect come filing season. It pays totake the time for preparation now so there are no unpleasant surprises later! However, please note that you should never use your 2022 final paycheck to prepare your return.You’ll need the actual W-2 from your employer in order to file a complete and accurate return.

To be prepared for tax season, compile all necessary records of your income, credits and deductions to estimate what you owe. Leverage the power of a reliable tax preparation software or use an everyday calculator with those numbers in hand to better understandyour financial situation.

Know You Have Back Taxes or Will Owe A Lot?

Ignoring a tax bill isn’t an option; the IRS will always come knocking. Settling it quickly can save you from further financial trouble, so don’t delay. Your taxes may burden your walletnow, but they’ll take hefty chunks out of your future if left unresolved!

Dealing with the IRS can be a daunting experience for many taxpayers. Even getting theIRS on the phone these days is nearly impossible. Without proper guidance, and expert help, attempting to negotiate your own tax problem is like going to court without a lawyer – not a wise move!

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